PRO AQUA factory in Turkey

Hot Forging

We have both vertical and horizontal forging capacities with several hot forging presses of varying tonnage in our press room.

We forge millions of pieces of complex-shaped products on our automatic presses with a robotic pressing force of 150-300 tons, and for small batch production of simple-shaped products, we use our manual presses.


With CNC mechanical transfer machines and CNC transfer benches, multi-spindle automated benches, spherical machining benches, lathes and CNC machining centers in our machining room, we can machine any part with high speed and precision.

CNC Machining

In our automatic machine department, our multi-spindle and CNC-controlled sliding automatic machines can produce parts of the highest precision from bar stock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Thanks to our multi-spindle automatic machines, we can mass-produce many bars and precision products in sizes up to Ø51.
Our auto-loading CNC machines use the most advanced CAM programs to machine even very complex parts. They are equipped to process with 5-micron precision.


Our Coating department works with its fully automatic equipment for our customers who demand nickel-coated products. Our facility, with a coating capacity of 150 tons per month, can maintain coating quality at the required level by partnering with a coating chemical manufacturer.

Metal Molding

With our fully equipped molding room and expert team, we produce molds in-house, maintaining the quality of our products at the highest level according to the requirements and expectations of our customers. In addition to casting molds, our company also designs and produces cutting molds and special-purpose equipment, and provides technical and R&D services to its customers, when requested, in line with its experience from design to production. In this way, it contributes to product development at a low cost and to meet product quality expectations.

Plastic Injection Molding

The first stage of mold making is the design of the required mold model using CAD software according to the customer's requirements and needs. During the design phase, the mechanical structure of all the elements that make up the mold is finalized and the necessary data for CNC programming (CAM programming/surface treatment) and production is prepared. A prototype is prepared and tested for the customer.

The assembly is completed by bringing together the machined parts and the standard materials required.


Factory in Turkey 

Production according to the European standards

Fittings Production Capacity 2500 tons and 35M Pcs p.y.

Hot forging presses 250-350 tons

Production of brass fittings for more 15 years

PRO AQUA factory in Russia

10 years warranty on the products of the factory

The Russian plant PRO AQUA, founded in 2001, offers high-quality pipes and fittings made of polypropylene, PE-Xa, PE-RT, PPSU and PVDF for hot and cold water supply systems, heating and underfloor heating, internal and external sewerage and drainage.

The assortment of the plant includes more than 1350 items of products with diameters from 16 to 1000 mm. The product lines are constantly expanding, including unique products.

The enterprise is equipped with modern equipment from leading European manufacturers such as Krauss-Maffei (Germany), Battenfeld (Germany), Cincinnati Extrusion (Germany), Unicor (Germany), Engel (Austria), and Sica (Italy).

PRO AQUA brand products are manufactured using certified raw materials from world-known manufacturers, including Borealis, LyoundellBasell, Sabic, Sibur and others.

Today the plant is equipped with 25 extrusion lines and 44 injection molding machines, the total production capacity of which exceeds 35.000 tons per year, which makes PRO AQUA the largest producer of polypropylene pipe systems in Russia. Annually the company produces more than 25.000 km of pressure pipes and more than 7.000 km of non-pressure pipes.

The plant's products are widely represented in all cities of Russia and other countries.

For 18 years PRO AQUA pipes and fittings produced under PRO AQUA brands have earned the trust of a wide range of professionals in the engineering sanitary ware market represented by B2B and B2C segments, organizations operating engineering networks, and designers using the company's products.

Our quality

All products manufactured by the PRO AQUA plant are strictly controlled for compliance with the requirements of state standards or, if they are not available for this type of product, with the internal regulatory documents of the company. Own certified testing laboratory allows the PRO AQUA plant to offer consumers the most modern solutions for engineering networks.

The laboratory activity includes:

- constant incoming technical control and quality testing of raw materials, basic and auxiliary materials intended for production for compliance with the Interstate Standard (GOST) and Technical Specifications (TS);
- constant control of the main indicators of product quality directly in the production process (operational control);
- performance of acceptance, periodic and standard tests of products for compliance with regulatory requirements;
- research activities aimed at the development of new types of materials and technologies to produce technically perfect products and products with unique characteristics;

The laboratory employs highly qualified staff with many years of experience in the field of quality assessment. Modern high-precision measuring instruments and equipment for testing polymer products from leading European manufacturers (ZWICK, BINDER, SCITEQ) are used for quality control tests.

The production laboratory of PRO AQUA is certified by the Federal State Institution "State Regional Center for Standardization, Metrology and Testing in the Moscow Region" for compliance with the requirements of GOST R ISO/IEC 17025-2006. The area of technical competence of the laboratory includes more than 60 different measurements and tests for all types of products manufactured by the plant. Pipelines manufactured by the enterprise have passed strict quality and safety control in independent testing laboratories within the framework of certification tests, which is confirmed by certificates.

The company has implemented a quality management system complying with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 international standard, which allows it to eliminate the possibility of production defects and ensure consistently high-quality products.