Pro Aqua PE-RT pipes

We are pleased to present  the widest range of PE-RT pipes for water supply and heating systems. Our product range include both single-layer pipes and multi-layer pipes with an oxygen barrier.

All pipes based on high-quality raw materials and manufactured on new lines, which allow to ensure high quality of the finished product. Products are manufactured in accordance with EN ISO 22391-2-2010.

PE-RT – Polyethylene for Raised Temperature. PE-RT is a copolymer of ethylene and octene-1.

This material was developed by Dow chemicals about 30 years ago.

The essential difference between PE-RT and PE is the presence of a copolymer Octene-1, which binds chains during the polymerization process, and the polymer does not require additional crosslinking.

Presence of long side chains provides high impact resistance and high pressure resistance.


Advantages of PERT pipes:

  • Long-term high pressures resistance
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Flexibility (especially compared to PE-Xb and PE-Xc)
  • Low-temperature resistance (up to -40 °C)
  • Welding capability
  • Environmental friendliness