Polypropylene aluminum-reinforced pipes DUO SDR 6 (PN20)

10 years warranty

Pro Aqua Duo - polypropylene pipes with a reinforcing layer of aluminum in the middle. This layer protects against oxygen penetration and also prevents thermal expansion of the pipe. As a result, when assembling the pipeline you will not need to use compensators, in addition, you can increase the distance between the supports. The central location of the aluminum layer makes installation easier, because stripping the pipe is much easier.


Advantages of Pro Aqua Duo pipes:

  • linear expansion ratio is less by 80% (compared to conventional polypropylene pipes);
  • simplified stripping procedure;
  • distance between the supports increases due to the small linear expansion, which allows to reduce the total number of supports and reduce the cost of installation;
  • the system is protected from oxygen, and therefore more durable.



  • Type: PRO AQUA polypropylene pipes and fittings
  • Purpose: for water supply/ for heating
  • Maximum operating temperature: +95°С
  • Material: Polypropylene (Polypropylene Random Co-polymer) 100 type 3
  • Reinforcement type: Aluminum
  • Linear expansion ratio: 0,030 mm/(mK).
  • Colour: White, gray, green
  • Life time: 50 years
  • GOST: 53630-2015


Application area:

  • in systems of cold and hot water supply, in systems of heating, and water treatment residential, administrative and industrial buildings;
  • when laying pneumatic lines, technological pipelines (subject to transportation of substances to which polypropylene is chemically resistant);
  • for external networks of hot and cold water supply (including channelless laying);
  • in the combined fire water supply systems.