Polypropylene glass fiber-reinforced pipes RUBIS SDR 7,4

10 years warranty

Three-layer polypropylene pipes Rubis Fiber Glass, reinforced with fiberglass, have two modifications: SDR7,4 and SDR6.

Propylene reinforced pipes Rubis are designed to facilitate the work of workers and significantly speed up installation, since they do not require the use of a stripping tool and also provide material savings. Areas of use: Rubis SDR7,4 - low-temperature radiator heating, drinking hot and cold water systems, air conditioning, industrial piping networks. Rubis SDR6 - radiator heating, drinking and hot and cold water supply systems, air conditioning, industrial piping networks.


The main advantages of Pro Aqua Rubis pipes, reinforced with fiberglass, in comparison with standard polypropylene pipes:

  • linear expansion ratio is less by 75% (compared to conventional polypropylene pipes);
  • polypropylene reinforced pipe does not require mandatory pre-stripping (as for pipes reinforced with aluminum foil);
  • distance between the supports increases due to the small linear expansion, which allows to reduce the total number of supports and reduce the cost of installation;
  • carrier conductivity increased by 20%;
  • thermal conductivity is lower than that of pipes reinforced with aluminum.


  • Type: PRO AQUA polypropylene pipes and fittings
  • Purpose: for water supply / for heating
  • Maximum operating temperature: +95°С
  • Material: Polypropylene (Polypropylene Random Co-polymer) 100
  • Reinforcement type: Fiberglass
  • Colour: White, gray, green
  • Life time: 50 years
  • Linear expansion ratio: 0,035 mm/(mK)
  • GOST: 32415-2013, ISO 15874, DIN 8077/8078


Application area:

  • in systems of cold and hot water supply, in systems of heating, and water treatment residential, administrative and industrial buildings;
  • when laying pneumatic lines, technological pipelines (subject to transportation of substances to which polypropylene is chemically resistant);
  • for external networks of hot and cold water supply (including channelless laying);
  • in the combined fire water supply systems.