Outdoor sewage systems under the PRO AQUA ProKan brand are manufactured at the Russian factory PRO AQUA. PRO AQUA ProKan corrugated sewer pipelines have a ring stiffness of SN8 (diameters 150 to 1000 mm), SN10 and SN16 (diameters 200 to 1000 mm). Corrugated double-layer pipes are resistant to chemicals and can withstand high temperature loads of wastewater. Unlike polyethylene pipelines, ProKan pipes made of polypropylene block copolymer are significantly less affected to loss of ring stiffness when heated, which provides them with additional reliability during installation in the summer. The design of the products provides elasticity, allowing deformation under the large loads without loss of tightness of the joints, so that the pipes are approved for use in areas with seismic activity up to 9 points.