AquaHeat, AquaFloor and AquaTech - new names from PRO AQUA for user-friendly selection!

PRO AQUA presents three new names for PEXa and PE-RT pipes, which will make it easier to work with the wide range of PRO AQUA products. You will easily remember the simple names and quickly find the pipe you need.

The new names allow you to quickly select PRO AQUA pipes for various systems and make your design work easier. The color of the logo corresponds to the color of the pipe, and the name reflects the purpose of the pipeline.


PRO AQUA PE-Xa pipes colored like silver and PE-RT pipes colored purple, which are used universally, are called AquaHeat.  Due to the content of an oxygen barrier layer EVOH, they are most often used to complete heating systems. PRO AQUA PE-Xa AquaHeat pipes in silver color have a wall thickness of SDR 7.4 and are able to stand pressure of 10 bar at a temperature of 90 ° C and class 5th operation class. PRO AQUA PE-RT AquaHeat pipes in purple have a wall thickness of SDR 7.4 and are capable of withstanding a pressure of 8 bar at 90°C and 5th operating class.


PRO AQUA PE-Xa pipes colored red and PE-RT pipes colored orange are called AquaFloor. Due to the thickness of the wall pipe is easy to bend, so the pipe AquaFloor found its main application in water under-floor  Both pipes have an oxygen barrier layer EVOH, which provides corrosion protection for all components of the heating system.


PRO AQUA PE-RT red and white SDR 7.4 pipes are called AquaTech. Basically, these pipes are used for completing in open systems such as hot and cold water supply, as well as in technological piping.