New from PRO AQUA - single-layer pipe AquaTech PE-RT SDR 7.4!

Pro AQUA company informs about expansion of the range in the PRO AQUA line of pipes made of thermally stabilized polyethylene. White single-layer pipes AquaTech PE-RT SDR 7.4 have appeared in the product range.


Single-layer pipe PRO AQUA AquaTech PE-RT SDR 7.4 does not have an oxygen barrier layer EVOH, so it is mainly used in hot water supply systems with operating pressure up to 10 bar. It is allowed to use the pipe for installation of radiator heating, if there are no restrictions on the content of dissolved oxygen in the coolant and the pressure in the system does not exceed 8 bar. PRO AQUA AquaTech PE-RT SDR 7.4 pipe is installed in the most modern and convenient way - with axial fittings.


A slight change in pipe construction made it possible to decrease its cost while keeping all the technical characteristics intact. Current certificates for PRO AQUA PE-RT pipes also apply to PRO AQUA AquaTech PE-RT SDR 7.4 pipe.


PRO AQUA Company reminds that PRO AQUA PE-RT and PE-Xa pipes have got their own names:


AquaTech line - represented by basic single-layer pipes for the least demanding systems:

  • PRO AQUA AquaTech PE-RT SDR 7.4 (white);
  • PRO AQUA AquaTech PE-RT (red).


AquaFloor line - includes pipes with an oxygen barrier, which will be the ideal solution for underfloor heating systems:

  • PRO AQUA AquaFloor PE-RT EVOH (orange);
  • PRO AQUA AquaFloor PE-Xa EVOH (red).


The AquaHeat line is represented by pipes with an oxygen barrier for the most demanding conditions in high-temperature radiator heating systems:

  • PRO AQUA AquaHeat PE-Xa EVOH SDR (silver);
  • PRO AQUA AquaHeat PE-RT EVOH SDR 7.4 (purple).