New product! Adjustable universal elbow PRO AQUA COMFORT

PRO AQUA presents a new product - adjustable universal elbow Ø 50, Ø110 for sewage system PRO AQUA COMFORT.


Adjustable universal elbow - connecting element of the sewage system, intended to change the direction of pipes or create bends in the system. Pipes and fittings PRO AQUA COMFORT is a high-quality and reliable line for completing internal sewage systems, which is produced by the Russian plant "PRO AQUA".


Adjustable universal elbow PRO AQUA COMFORT produced according to GOST: 32414-2013 and has 10 years of warranty. The service life exceeds 50 years.


Order number:

  • Ø 50 1005087T
  • Ø 110 1011087T