PRO AQUA PE-RT 5-layer pipes

PRO AQUA presents is a 5-layer pipe PRO AQUA PE-RT for water supply systems, heating and underfloor heating. Factory "Pro Aqua" produces two types of five-layered pipe: orange and purple SDR 7.4.


5-layered pipe PRO AQUA PE-RT consists of 5 layers: heat-treated polyethylene PE-RT, glue, oxygen barrier layer EVOH, glue, heat-treated polyethylene PE-RT. EVOH layer (ethylene vinyl alcohol) is an oxygen barrier, which is a thin film that prevents oxygen from penetrating into the pipe. In the absence of an antidiffusion layer, oxygen gradually penetrates into the coolant through the wall of the pipe, leading to corrosion of all metal elements of the system, such as radiators, manifolds, boilers, etc.


The orange PRO AQUA pipe is available in two sizes: Ø 16 and 20 with a wall thickness of 2 mm. This pipe is most often used in underfloor heating and water supply systems.

The purple PRO AQUA pipe is made according to SDR 7.4. It can be used with axial fittings, and the greater wall thickness provides greater technical characteristics. In addition to underfloor heating and water supply, this pipe is also used in high-temperature radiator heating systems.


PRO AQUA pipes are made of PE-RT type II, which has higher characteristics, ensuring a reliable and durable performance. The possibility of using them in drinking water supply systems is confirmed by certificate. The warranty period for PRO AQUA PE-RT pipes is 10 years.